• Two Days Workshop on Assembling & Dismantling of I.C. Engine on 21st & 23rd February, 2014

  • Workshop on "Advance Quality Tool in the Field of Engineering by Prof. Peter M. Kroetz from Lehrbeauftragter Reutlingen University, Germany from 15th to 29th September, 2014.

  • A Guest Lecture on "Basics of Theromdynamics" by Prof. (Dr.) SPS Rajput from MANIT, Bhopal on 26th September, 2014.

  • A Guest Lecture on "Digital Communication" by Mr. Miroslav Skoric from "University of Navi Sad, Serbia" on 26th September, 2014

  • A Guest Lecture on "Power System" by Prof. Yogendra Kumar from MANIT, Bhopal on 8th Septmber, 2014

  • International Robotics Workshop Series cum Championship on 12th & 13th August, 2014

  • A successful industrial visit at Railway Spring Karkhanna Sitholi for II Year ME student of IPS-CTM college

  • A Guest Lecture on "Nano Technology" by Dr. Anurag Shrivastava, ABV-IIITM, Gwalior was held on 30th July, 2014

  • E-Workshop on C/C++ in association with IIT Bombay was held on 25th July, 2014

  • Two Days In-house Workshop on I.C. Engine Assembling & Dismantling during 24th & 25th July, 2014

  • National Conference on Stress Management on 24th May, 2014
  • Faculty Development Programme from 12th to 17th May, 2014
  • Technoparv-2014 during 2nd to 5th April

  • National Workshop on "Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Instrumental Techniques in Chemical Analysis : Emphasis on Industrial and Environmental Application (WITCA-2014)" during 4th to 6th April, 2014

  • Villay 2014

  • Guest Lecture Series on JET Engine Technology and Fluid Mecahnics by Prof.(Dr.) Hanns Jurgen from University of Anchhen(Germany)

  • Faculty Exchange Program by German Prof. (Dr.) Horst Schwetlick on Matlab

  • Inauguration of International Academic Exchange Program on 3rd March, 2014

  • Inauguration of International Faculty Exchange Program on 24th February, 2014

  • Mechanical 3rd Year Students visited at Vikram Woolens on 24th February, 2014

  • Guest Lecture on "P2P/Adhoc Network" by Dr. Mayank Pandey, MNNIT, Allahabad on 22nd Feb, 2014

  • CNC Lathe Training for Mechanical IIIrd Year Students is organised on 21st February, 2014

  • Mechanical IInd Year Students visited at Sitholi Spring Factory on 21st February, 2014

  • Expert Lecture on "Six Sigma Awareness" by Prof. Narendra Vishwarup, Fanatic Academy of Quality (FAQ), Indore, Director(Academics),on 20th February, 2014

  • Industry Institute Interface Programme by Mr. Sunil Khandelwal on 17thFeb, 2014

  • A Two Days Workshop on "Basics of Electrical & Electronics" by Prof. Kapil Keswani & Prof. Akash Agarwal on 10th & 11th Feb, 2014

  • An One Day Workshop on "Basics of VLSI Design" by Prof. Kapil Keswani & Prof. Pankaj Agrawal on 13th Feb, 2014

  • Guest Lecture on Thermodynamics Application in Power Generation by Er. Ashwini Dwivedi on 8th Feb,2014

  • Wipro MS PRO Centre for Excellence on 1st Feb,2014

  • Guest Lecture on Concepts of Thermodynamics by Prof. S.P.S. Rajput (Professor Deptt. of Mechanical Engg. - MANIT Bhopal) on 31st Jan, 2014

  • Interaction Program with Mr. Anand Kumar on January11, 2014

  • National Conference on "Pharmaceutical Industry Academia Relation: Current Opportunities and future Prospects" on 16th November, 2013

  • Three days International Workshop on "A Collaborative Approach to Delivering Science Teaching Methods Suitable for Diverse Classrooms" on 12th November, 2013

  • Introduction Party 2013

  • Guest Lecture on Cloud Computing by Prof. K.K.Pattanaik(ABV-IIITM,Gwalior) on 30th Aug, 2013

  • Two days workshop on Andriod by Blue Eminence on 3-4 Sept, 2013

  • International Conference on Learning Community For Global Education Reform

  • Technoparv 2012

  • Evolving Management Paradigms in Manufacturing and Service Sectors 16 - 17 March, 2013

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    Welcome to IPS-Group of Colleges

    IPS Group of Colleges is an umbrella institution working under the patronage of Deen Dayal Krishi Avam Gramin Prodyogiki Vikas Sansthan, Gwalior, a society formed in the year 2001 with an aim to provide professional education to youth & open newer avenues of employment.

    The institution has a sprawling 80 acres campus offering courses in Engineering, Pharmacy, Physical Education and Teacher Education. The Institution is situated in the south west zone of the Gwalior city facing Shivpuri Link Road.

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