AIM of Courses


The aim of communication skill teaching in engineering to inculcate effective communication skill. Effective communication skill's far beyond the ability to write or speak or present your ideas using some signs. It is the ability to know what you want to communicate, to understand what you are capable of communicating. Effective communication is not considered successful unless it leads to progression of thoughts and ideas towards the goal it intends to achieve.


The aim is to provide the necessary knowledge of chemical science & environment which is beneficial for the students, not only in the field of Research & Development but also in the field of maintenance, quality control & up gradation of life.


The aim of mathematics to make the people problem solving; engaging in mathematics is problem solving. Problem solving is what one does when a solution is not immediate. Students should build mathematical knowledge through problem solving, develop abilities in formulating and representing problems in various ways, apply a wide variety of problem-solving strategies, and monitor their mathematical thinking in solving problems. Problems become the context in which students develop mathematical under-standings, apply skills, and generalize learning. Students frequently solve problems in cooperative groups and even create their own problems.


The aim of physics is the construction of a unified theoretical scheme in mathematical terms whose structure and behavior duplicates that of the whole natural world in the most comprehensive manner possible. In line with this objective, physics is characterized by accurate instrumentation, precision of measurement, and the expression of its results in mathematical terms.

Approval , Recognition, and Affiliation

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