"True sport is always a duel: a duel with nature, with one's own fear, with one's own fatigue, a duel in which body and mind are strengthened." - Yevgeny Yevtushenko (Russian poet)

The Course is designed to enable students in order to develop their physical fitness and perfect movement skills which they subsequently put into practice as teachers at the basic and secondary levels. The fundamental goal of the physical education program is to prepare students for challenges by providing opportunities to attain the skills and knowledge to be physically active as part of a healthy lifestyle. They are trained to become competent in movement forms, motor skills and social skills and enjoy their profession while not compromising safety.

Objectives of the Department:

  • Opening new avenues in Physical education for the untapped youth population.
  • Producing high quality graduates and teacher educators
  • Providing high standard Sports facilities to the students.
  • Developing competent faculties in physical education.
  • Generating mass interest in sports and related fields.
  • Creating Excellent sports infrastructure for National & International competitions.
  • Blending of Yoga, meditation, human values and physical education.
  • To serve as a centre of excellence for Applied Research Promote and disseminate research in this field.
  • To promote mass participation in Physical Education and Sports among all. To undertake research projects of National importance to improve the Standard of sports performance of Indian Sports persons

Approval , Recognition, and Affiliation

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