Sports Facilities


IPS College is having a beautiful cricket field with an open space for spectators. Apart from Cricket field for competitions, there are three cemented net practice pitches for regular practice sessions so as to give sound foundation for competitions.


A boxing ring is the space in which a boxing match occurs. A modern boxing ring, which is set on a raised platform, is square with a post at each corner to which four parallel rows of ropes are attached with a turnbuckle. IPS College is having a competitive level covered Boxing ring.


For the overall fitness development during competitions and regular strength training, IPS College is having Multi-Gym facility with all facilities i.e. Strength Training Zone and a well-equipped Machine zone.

Track & Field

IPS Group of Colleges is proud to own a standard 400 meter track with all required necessities. A well maintained Jumping pit, Throwing sectors and all practice equipment like Hurdles, Javelins, Hammer, Shot-put etc.

Swimming Pool

"The only sports that takes art from complete physical strength, and extensive technique to do correctly. It's those that push to the breaking point and refuse to break who will achieve greatness". The Institute has a swimming pool and a baby pool.


"Body is the bow, asana is the arrow and the soul is the target"
The Institution celebrates "International Day of Yoga". Institute have Yoga hall.


Institution has one wooden and two synthetic basketball courts with flood lights facilities.


Hockey, the national game of India, is one of the world's oldest known sports. Our Institution is having one standard grassy field with 500 spectators sitting area


IPS Group of Colleges having good environment of tennis for the students. Besides being refreshing, a game of tennis is a very good form of exercise. Institution is having two standard synthetic tennis courts with flood light facilities.

Snooker and Billiards

Snooker and Billiards, games played on a Billiards table with six pockets called a Snooker table (which has dimensions just under 12 ft by 6 ft), that are classified entirely separately from pool based on a separate historical development, as well as a separate culture and terminology that characterize their play.

Sauna Bath

Sauna is a heated room with its walls & floor made up of porous wood (red pine), as it provides insulation against heat loss & also allows excessive moisture from inside the sauna to be eliminated. Sauna is fitted inside with wooden benches/platforms for resting at 2 different levels.

Steam Bath

Steam bath with use of a steam generator heats water directly not the air. The steam room enclosure fills completely with condensed vapor. Clouds of steam envelope the bather. The steam bath not only relaxes you & renews your energy but also promotes your health & beauty as well


Enjoy the swirling water from the jets as they gently massage body under the blanket of bubbles and feel the milk oil softening your skin.

Approval , Recognition, and Affiliation

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