About the Department

Electronics and Communications Engineering is about electronic components, integrated circuits and microprocessors and deals into designing, fabrication, testing, maintenance and supervision in the manufacturing of electronic equipments. This branch of Engineering has a key place in the field of computers, Information Technology, Electrical ckts, Power system operations, communication systems, Satellite Communication, Radar and Navigation, Microwave Communication, Digital Electronic Circuits, PCB Circuitry etc.

  • The Aim of the Department is to produce Electronics & Communication Engineers who combine academic excellence with practical expertise.

  • To achieve this aim,highly committed faculty, well equipped laboratories along with rich central and departmental libraries support the students throughout their course of study.

  • The academic courses cover fundamental and vital areas of importance in electronics relevant to both Industry and Research.

  • Students are encouraged to seek out and pursue research and industry-oriented projects with reputed Research and Industrial Organizations.

  • Approval , Recognition, and Affiliation

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