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Dr. Anurag GargEE is the power Department of IPS Technology & Management. With the growing demand of Electrical Engineers in the Government and private sectors, the Department is making best efforts to produce highly trained and capable engineers who can take up the challenges of the real world. The quality of academic instructions, conduct guidelines and college activities are designed to produce competent and successful engineers. more..

  • Electrical engineering encompasses all devices and systems that operate electrically. Electrical engineers are integrally involved with the generation, distribution, of electrical power and electromechanical conversion (Motor & transformer). They also design and produce general electronic circuits and their solid-state components such as integrated circuits and computer chips.

  • Electrical engineering is the largest of all engineering disciplines. This is divided into heavy current (electrical machinery; generating stations and distribution systems) and light current (telecommunications, radar, computers etc.) With the increasing demand for electrical energy, the development in audio and video communication systems, and the automation in industry, electrical engineers have become indispensable to society today.
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