"To produce technically sound, professionally competent, and socially committed individuals imbued with ethical values to serve the society."


"To build a centre of excellence for learning where young talents can be nurtured to their fullest potential,through focus on teaching,learning, research and innovation in order to improve quality of life of the community and the nation at large."


  • To provide a welcoming environment that suggests harmony, peace and concern for everyone.
  • To ensure individualized and personal counseling for each student.
  • To recruit faculty who are competent in their fields and sensitive to the needs of the adult student population.
  • To challenge youth to transcend the classroom studies and investigate a wide range of relevant modern trends beyond university curriculum.
  • To explore and implement new pedagogy and technology that helps maximum knowledge assimilation.
  • To organize activities supporting personal and social growth and development.
  • To provide placement assistance to all students.
  • Approval , Recognition, and Affiliation

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