Health Center

It is College policy to provide first aid support if someone is injured or becomes unwell in College premises, or whilst engaged in activities associated with Academic life.

  • The prime objective to attend an incident on campus within 3 minutes of help being requested during normal working hours and within 10 minutes at other times.
  • Pre-hospital care facilities are available at the Institute of Professional Studies-College of Pharmacy for all the students and employees.
  • Beds are also available for initial care in emergency cases.
  • Health Centre is ready for emergency paramedic services with fully trained emergency technicians. Departments are responsible for organizing first aid provision for their students, staff and visitors to their department.
  • Our emergency technicians provide pre-hospital care and ensure safe health.
The health centre is provided with first-aid boxes which includes some of the common medications to manage common medical conditions. This would help providing immediate relief to the students and workers.

Approval , Recognition, and Affiliation

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