Leadership Training Camp

The emphasis of the "Leader's Training Camp" is on varieties of situations and opportunities for the youth to experience and learn by themselves the adaptive skills and adjustment modes of social living for a happy healthy life in spite of the hazards of nature and individual differences of human beings. The inmates, therefore, must make use of every opportunity and acquires leadership roles to think, plan, participate, adapt, guide and execute suitable skills to achieve common goals, keeping alive the spirit of comradeship and social well-being, such an endeavour, it is hoped, may enable us to broaden the horizons of the world around us in being men and women to our actual-selves. It should further help to maintain a balance of physical, mental and emotional behaviour, directing the potential outputs of man towards extensive and intensive use of mankind.

Summer Camp

Institute of Professional Studies, Gwalior organise Summer Camp every year in the month of May to June. In this summer camp various sports activities like Swimming, Basketball, Shooting, Skating, Football, Yoga, Tennis, Aerobic and Recreational Activities conducted by well qualified coaches and instructors.

Approval , Recognition, and Affiliation

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