Although, the scope of any program largely depends on persons capabilities whether in India or abroad, but BBA degree definitely opens more job opportunities than any other degree. The objective of the of the BBA programs is to provide high quality education in management so that students can join industry, immediately after the course. Beginning in any industry that too with a graduation degree would always start at an executive level but, if you are a BBA graduate your package may be better than other people. After completing your BBA program, you have the option of joining as a Management Trainee / Executive Trainee in any of the following sectors: Banking, Consultancy, Finance, corporate, marketing, creative, & IT companies.

For higher career growth he/she should definitely go for higher studies i.e. MBA.

In other stream when we talk about B.Com, there are several benefits of studying a B.Com degree. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a B.Com degree:

  • B.Com Degree gives you an opportunity to study the general degree initially before choosing your stream or major. It allows you to know your strengths.
  • Career opportunities are not limited which means that you have many opportunities as a B.Com graduate.
  • B.Com degree is a great degree to prepare you to work in the public or the private sector.

Approval , Recognition, and Affiliation

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